Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

There are juicers and juicers but this one is very special. These are my comments after first use:-
1. Considering the efficiency of the machine it has relatively small footprint.
2. It is aesthetically appealing.
3. I have used the machine to extract juice from both hard and soft fruits and vegetables. The juicer has efficiently dealt with cabbage, beetroot, citrus fruit (oranges, kinnoos), ginger, apple, coriander leaves, pineapple, carrot, cucumber, karela, pomegranate etc. The fruits and vegetables disappear within seconds.
4. The pulp coming out of the machine is fairly dry when compared to other centrifugal juicers. The slow juicers are more efficient in extracting juice and the pulp is more dry but slow juicers are more expensive and you need to cut fruits and veges before feeding them into the juicer, making the process more cumbersome and time consuming.
5. Cleaning is fairly easy but removing pulp from the side of the container with fat fingers is slightly challenging. It takes more than a minute (as claimed in Philips adverts) to clean the juicer but you only need running water and no detergent etc.(This comment was made because I made the mistake of not detaching black panel with nozzle from the transparent pulp collector)
6. The steel mesh has very fine holes. I notice a few fibers from fruits and veges have got stuck in a couple of holes and no amount of washing has been successful in removing them. This indicates that with regular use one would need to do very detailed cleaning of steel mesh every once in a month.
7. I would like to assure those prospective buyers who have misgivings about the capacity of this juicer to deal with leafy veges. I juiced a small bunch of coriander leaves and the juicer effectively dealt with them. The entire kitchen was filled with fragrance of coriander and the resultant juice had distinctive flavour of coriander.
8. The value of this juicer comes from the fact that raw fruits and veges can provide you with all the essential nutrients but all such fruits and veges cannot be eaten raw because of indifferent taste and high fiber. The cooked veges do lose some of these nutrients. Therefore, extracting juice is the only solution. Some of the ingredients of these fruits and veges are therapeutic and provide active cure for some of the prevalent health issues. Say goodbye to drugs and medicines with harmful side effects and embrace natural way to healthy living.
9. If anyone of you smokes tobacco, give it up and replace it with a glass of juice per day and kill two birds with one stone as I am intending to do. It is good health at no extra cost.
10. Finally, although you cannot put any cost on good health, I feel that this juicer can be cheaper. At Rs.10,000/- MRP it is expensive.


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